EB-5 General Requirements

[+]  What is the EB-5 program and what are its main requirements?
[+]  What is a Targeted Employment Area (TEA)?
[+]  How many EB-5 green cards are available each year?
[+]  What is an EB-5 Regional Center?
[+]  How are the jobs calculated?


[+]  What is the process for applying for an EB-5 visa?
[+]  What types of documents are required for an EB-5 petition?
[+]  What is the timeline from initial application to receiving a green card?
[+]  What are different ways that investors can meet source of funds requirements to successfully invest in an EB-5 project?
[+]  Can money gifted by a parent or other relative be used for an EB-5 investment?
[+]  What are the total fees involved with the EB-5 visa?
[+]  How can investors monitor their investment?

Investor Information

[+]  Do I have to speak English?
[+]  Do I need to be in good health?
[+]  Do I need to have previous business experience or education?
[+]  Can I live anywhere in the US once I receive the green card?
[+]  What is the difference between a conditional and a permanent green card?
[+]  Are there any restrictions that apply to the investor once he/she receives a conditional permanent residency (PR) and comes to live in the US?
[+]  Will I receive any support from Bluegrass International Fund or the US government after arriving as an immigrant investor in the US?
[+]  Can I apply for an EB-5 visa if I have been rejected or terminated in the past by USCIS for an L- 1, E-2, B, or another visa?

Our Business Partners

[+]  What is the role of Primary Capital?
[+]  What is the role of Miller Mayer?
[+]  What is the role of Vermilion?