Our Board of Directors

Bluegrass International Fund’s team brings an unparalleled composition of expertise in evaluating and selecting EB-5 investments. With expertise in commercial banking, private equity, tax and accounting, architecture, law, insurance and entrepreneurship, we evaluate an EB-5 project from every angle to lower the risk of our investment offerings. In addition, every member possesses an unwavering commitment to stimulating enduring economic development in the Bluegrass region.

Community Partners

“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.”

Robin Sharma

A hallmark of Bluegrass International Fund is the strong relationships it enjoys with economic development leaders throughout our region. These dynamic relationships provide access to the region’s most attractive EB-5 investments. They enhance our ability to offer high-quality projects that enjoy public support and show the greatest promise of success.

State and Federal Support

Bluegrass International Fund also benefits from the support of well-recognized public leaders. We work with them on national public policy that will benefit EB-5 investors. And they refer projects to us that they believe are worthy EB-5 investments, projects that can make a meaningful difference in the communities they represent. Often these projects are the most promising projects in our region and garner financing from national banks and private investors.