InvestorsFunding investment that leads to US residency

Congress created the EB-5 immigrant investor program in 1990. The program allows qualified foreign nationals to make an investment in a suitable project that creates jobs for US workers. In exchange, investors and their eligible family members can take an expedited route to permanent US residency.

Benefits to EB-5 investors

  • They receive a “conditional” green card for US residency, for themselves, spouse and children under 21, by investing in a qualified projects.
  • They receive “permanent” green card status after two years if their investment has created at least 10 US jobs.
  • As US residents, investors and family members enjoy the same benefits as Americans, including free public school education for their children, lower tuition costs at many colleges and universities, the right for family members to work, to live wherever they want, and to take advantage of the benefits of the American medical, educational, business and social infrastructure. 

Investor eligibility

There are three primary considerations for all EB-5 applicants:

1. Qualification. To invest, applicants must be approved as qualified investors based on their net worth, income and other criteria. They may not be US citizens.

2. Source of funds. Investors must be able to show that the funds being invested were legally obtained. 

3. Background check. Investors must pass a background check performed by the US government.

The Bluegrass International Fund (BiF) is an approved EB-5 Regional Center, offering EB-5 investment opportunities. We can help potential investors determine their eligibility and with the application process. Please contact our team to begin the eligibility process.

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